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Train-the-Trainer :A One-Day Primer

Train-the-Trainer :A One-Day Primer

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Every day, training is becoming part of more job descriptions. Whether it’s teaching a new employee what their role is or training 100 employees on how to manage their time better, some basic learning principles apply. This one-day course will help you become the type of trainer that people really learn from.


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How You Will Benefit

  • Develop the essential skills for a trainer
  • Understand adult learning
  • Know how to develop a training session
  • Know how to add fun and games to your program

Be familiar with delivery methods

What You Will Cover

• Being genuine and humble
• Communication and presentation skills
• Nurturing a readiness to learn
• Principles of adult learning
• Learning methods
• Establishing a learning climate
• Dealing with the difficult
• Identifying your audience
• Performing a needs analysis
• Writing objectives
• Outlining the program
• Researching and writing the program
• Testing the program
• Types of activities
• Getting buy-in
• Using humor
• Quick and easy games
• Troubleshooting games
• Visual aids and presentation tips
• Managing questions and answers
• Scheduling breaks
• Evaluations

What’s Included

• Instruction by an expert facilitator
• Small interactive classes
• Specialized manual and course materials
• Personalized certificate of completion


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