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Open Stack course provides Participants with a detailed understanding of steps necessary to operate OpenStack environment. Participants will go through architectures, live implementations, provisioning and lab setup for the real-world challenges faced by Professionals.

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Topics Covered

  • Understanding Cloud and OpenStack
  • Keystone ( OpenStack authentication system)
  • Nova ( OpenStack Compute Service )
  • Cinder ( OpenStack Block Service )
  • Glance ( OpenStack Image Service )
  • Neutron ( OpenStack Neutron Service )
  • Horizon ( OpenStack Dashboard Service )
  • Heat ( OpenStack Orchestration Service )
  • Ceilometer ( OpenStack Biling Service )

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for OpenStack end-users such as project managers, business developers and sales engineers who require cloud platform operational skills and a high level understanding of cloud computing internals using OpenStack. This course does not require any previous experience with OpenStack.


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