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Welcome to i-Riang Academy!

i-Riang Academy Malaysia, provides corporate trainings on Soft Skills, Managerial Skills and hands on IT training on iOS & Android Mobile Application Development, .NET application development, Web Design, Software application development, Mobile application development, Project management, Digital Marketing, and other relevant IT courses.

We offer a variety of training programs to suit the professional needs, including boot camps, full time classes, part-Time evening classes and customized corporate training. Our fast-paced, innovative learning environment fosters collaboration among trainees.

i-Riang Academy is an associate company of Prospere Solutions Sdn. Bhd. Prospere Solutions is a leading mobile and web applications development company in Malaysia. We have delivered countless solutions for various clients across different verticals. I-Riang Academy is a Bumiputra participant company, which is also a HRDF certified training provider.

  1. Our vision, mission and core values are to strive for the highest possibility for individuals and organizations, practicing at the intersection of business and humanity.
  2. Our approach is based on a cheerful dissemination for people and organizations. It’s a passion that propels us forward and, in turn, provides the momentum for our clients to achieve their goals.
  3. Our philosophy about how we work with clients is guided by our core values, which we refer to as our “Fingerprints”.


At the core, every business is defined by three essential elements: it’s business strategy, it’s management infrastructure, and the collective and individual behavior of it’s people. This is true regardless of the company’s size, industry or geographical location.

An organization’s Business Strategy should be the one directional constant in an environment of continuous change. At i-Riang Academy, we’ve developed a business excellence roadmap technology on proven models to help leaders clarify and define their strategic intent.

Management Infrastructure is the framework that enables the Business Strategy to succeed. It establishes the corporate governance in the decision-making process, business planning, and priority setting.

Organizational Behavior deals with the human side of the business equation. It embodies an organization’s values and objectives, and defines how people must act in order to support the Business Strategy.


Productivity shouldn’t take any additional efforts. Its simply requires more discipline and the application of the right strategies.

Productivity is about spending your time on the right things and at the right places. You must know your priorities, your commitments and your schedule.

Not everything you do will go to plan. You will make mistakes and you will encounter problems that you could not foresee. You can learn from these setbacks and make changes, which will help you succeed at the next attempt.

Our Quality Statement

Market, Promote and facilitate implementation of our Signature programs that add value to our Customers and Stakeholders.

A catalyst for Intelligence creation through Training and Development enhancing the Skills of our clients Workforce

Intelligence |  Inspiration | Innovation  |  Integrity

The i-Riang Academy is committed to quality as the guiding principle in its decision-making and leadership in the provision of Adult Learning and related services to its customers. To realize this, i-Riang Academy management shall continuously pursue and review its performance for continuous improvement by implementing an effectively quality management system based on industry best practices.